Monday, 11 May 2009

You go away for a few hours.....

So now a politician is claiming for looking after a moat. Yes a moat. This is getting absolutely crazy and completely embarrassing. Listening to 5Live and people are just shouting about this. They are getting so angry that I don't think they will be happy before someone falls on their sword now. I have to agree, and we must have blood before the week is out. I don't care if it was within the rules, it is WRONG!
It seems that despite the criticism, Alan Duncan and Keith Vaz will survive. Interesting to see what will come out about our other seven or so MPs in the next few days.

Now almost as important, it was the battle of Leicester media tonight at the University of Leicester's Manor Road sports ground. And yes that thanks to a stern defence and creativity up front, the Mercury beat the BBC 7-3. Brilliant to sock it those lot! See you for more fun tomorrow


  1. Martin, this is all a diversion. Rather than worry about how much MPs are claiming in expenses, we should be scrutinising what their policies are. The rest is just entertainment.

    Well played today by the way.

  2. We are faced with a set of MPs hellbent on excusing themselves for enethical decisions they have made on a very regular and staggering scale. It has captured the imagination on the public, it has been the number one news story on TV, radio and in newspapers for nearly a week. It is not a mere diversion.

  3. Martin,

    When I was a window cleaner more than 15 years ago, I used to clean Douglas Hogg's windows. He showed me his ditch one day. Its actually called a Haw Haw, which is a Dutch farming method for controlling livestock. A year later, as a junior reporter for the Lincolnshire Echo, I interviewed the Rgt Hon Hoggy over the mad cow disease scandal... weird.

  4. Well, as for M.P.s we have David Taylor booked for a 'Question Time' panel in Ibstock 2nd. June - I suspect, of any Leicestershire parliamentarians he'll still be around then (hope so!).
    Mind you it's perhaps a bit more academic with him as he is not standing again for The House - well at least not the Commons - perhaps he could follow in George Galloway's paw prints?, but I digress.