Friday, 15 May 2009

This is going to be my last blog for a few days because I'm off on a golf jolly to Tunisia with some men I've not met before.

So anyway, today John Mugglestone tells me to ring him back in an hour and then turns his phone off. Get a feeling we won't hear the last of this leadership battle in the city Conservative party. Coun Mugglestone, on his day, was a decent opponent to Ross Willmott, especially over the potential closure of Riverside school last week, but I think it may be time for a change. Ross Grant is desperate to make an impact on city politics, and I can't see that giving young blood a chance can be a bad thing.

Was reminded by Gemma that Alan Duncan was on Have I Got News For You talking about his second home allowance before it all went wrong and someone started digging up his garden. Go to 5.25. Notice he wasn't apologising then. I wonder if he's embarrassed. ANOTHER REASON WHY PEOPLE ARE SO INFURIATED ALAN.

There will be a brilliant piece in tomorrow's Mercury about Keith Vaz and expenses. Our award-winning features writer Lee Marlow went to find him at a school visit because he has been ignoring us for the last week. Initially Keith was pleased to see him until he stopped asking about a school crossing, and Lee was sent out of class.

Have a good weekend, back at Mercury Towers on Wednesday hopefully looking like Ron Atkinson. Hope someone doesn't use sun tan lotion to make a naughty symbol on my body when I fall asleep by the pool.


  1. Have a good holiday Martin. Will definitely have things to talk about when you get back. One thing I am keen to see is cabinet members scrutinised thoroughly so will hopfully be able to tell you more then.

  2. I initally read your penultimate sentence as "...hopefully looking like Rowan Atkinson" and thought it odd that you aspired to look like Mr Bean....

    Apologies for posting anonymously again but I still haven't worked out how to post on this without revealing my email address and employer's i.d. I'm a techno-heathen.