Sunday, 10 May 2009

Victoria Park: No hangover.

Managed to make it through the weekend without any alcohol, I know it sounds crazy/worrying but it has been a big thing for me to do it, especially with lots of football on this weekend in the Clarendon. Can't wait for pint next weekend though.

On the hand, meant that I could go for a run around Victoria Park early on Saturday, and also went to drop off deposit at our wedding reception venue. You really can do lots more without a stinking hangover.

I must admit the ongoing expenses scandal has taken my mind off it a bit. I am getting more angry and staggered at the number of politicians who seem to believe saying it was within the rules means that unethical claims are acceptable to the rest of the population. Bonkers claims for nappies, biscuits, and decorating of all sorts is absolutely disgusting. And I think most people feel that way because if you looked at our expense claims, most of us are loathed to claim for anything at all.

Tories next, and bearing in mind they've had little to say about all this so far, it means that they are probably set for a big embarrassment this week. Can't wait to find out who has claimed for that sauna.

Tomorrow is city council cabinet meeting, involving Riverside, so should be interesting, plus briefing at County Hall. Will let you know what happens.

By the way, Ian and I saw a leading politician picking up an unknown woman after work on Friday. Looked like romance was in the air because he couldn't stop smiling, Ahh. Very interesting and my first bit of gossip for you.

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  1. I'd just like to point out that it was the leading politician who couldn't stop smiling, not me.