Thursday, 7 May 2009

Parking, BBC and Riverside. What a day!

Such a busy day today.

A major issue resurfaced, as it seems we are back on the path towards a parking permit scheme in the West End.

Businesses do not want it, the council says that residents do. That means trouble.

The big problem is that if they have a public poll will the council win?

In Clarendon Park I think the council thought it would be voted through, but the results didn't go their way. Patrick Kitterick says it is badly needed, so will they just bring it in? We'll see. The move would not be popular but if they council are so sure, I wonder if they'll do it despite the consequences.

Other stories included further problems on the A47 and six more months of roadworks. A real pain for drivers, but you only have to walk through the new bit near our office to see the difference it has made there.

Thursday is five-a-side at St Matthew's which was great fun. Even better news, we are playing BBC Leicester on Monday night and prepared for it with a big win.

And a final thought for the parents of Riverside, which will probably be recommended for closure by the council's cabinet on Monday. Ian was at scrutiny and it sounds like an emotional event. I'm still not convinced that the council could not have foreseen these problems years ago and there are many conspiracies surrounding this decision.

Wonder if they will sell the land for development? We'll see.

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  1. Ooh, controversial there at the end Martin, steady.
    The council on Monday are not voting for closure but just to vote whether people should be consulted on the recommendation of closure.
    Shame I missed footy.
    I find it easy to get a parking space here in Clarendon Park.