Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Day One.

First day as a blogger....exciting!

Today I was writing about the financial situation facing the Leicester Special Olympics. No one can doubt that this is going to be great for the city, but they are at least £800,000 short of their fundraising target with less that 2 months to go. I get the sense that the management think that if you question this situation then you are in some way anti this event. No, what I am anti is they could rely on the taxpayer to bail them out.

I also have been writing more on the ongoing row between Breedon villagers and County Hall. It has already cost £2 million and growing. It is heading for disaster because either way taxpayers will end up paying for this mess. Both are convinced not only the other is wrong, but that the other is playing dirty. Some really serious allegations about inpropriety and corruption. The protesters also believe that Nick Rushton will lose his seat because of this. I would be very surprised, but no doubt this is going to be a big issue come the county elections in June.

Finally, got back from squash with education supremo Ian Wishart, who by now should have set up his blog. Long long queues on the ring road caused us to divert through Fosse Park and Narborough Road back to Clarendon Park.

Oh, has anyone seen how big the new Sainsbury's is on Queens Road. Its signs already swamp the street. Hope that doesn't kill the local shops.


  1. Very interesting Martin. Yes, very, very interesting. I might boycot the new Queens Road Sainsbury's.

  2. Change your time zone to BST, otherwise it looks like I commented at four o'clock in the morning. Mind you, that would explain why I couldn't spell boycott.

  3. I'm trying out another way of leaving a comment.

  4. Will never use that Sainsbury's ever.