Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Stephen Fry, what a let down.

Stephen Fry, a man universally liked, a national treasure etc, but what was he going on about today...?

When asked about the MPs' expenses he said: "It's not that important, it really isn't." He also said that Journalists' expenses were just as bad. Trust me, I've got to claim for a sandwich I bought near the High Court last month and I'm nervous about getting the boss to sign it off.

Anyway, today David Cameron tells the people who have made cock-ups to pay the money back. Alan Duncan has written out a cheque for £5,000 but insists despite being told to do so or face expulsion from the party, it was a "voluntary" act and that he has done it without any guilt. This is why you are making people so infuriated Alan.

Back to Cameron, again, he seems to be taking the advantage on major issues. You have to wonder who is advising Gordon Brown, or if he is ignoring advice. I deal with PR people all the time, good and bad, and the first rule is to be proactive. The PM has had a week to do something about this, whip his boys and girls into shape, make a point about being tough. Again he has missed the train, boat, bus, anything you can think of really.

I met him a fortnight or so ago at Loughborough University and when I interviewed him I could tell that although he lacks charisma, he is a decent enough bloke. I was desperate to tell him (I didn't) that he needed to change, put my arm around him and say that he needs to reshuffle the pack because people are letting him down. But I'm afraid, if I get to meet him this week, he is back in the area again by the way, I may just say this time, he has no-one else to blame but himself.


  1. Mr Fry has gone right down in my estimations. All this during the current financial climate is a scandal. And we are supposed to vote for these shysters!

  2. Stephen's right, Martin, it really isn't that important. Maybe you should look into the reason why Northcliffe is registered in Jersey instead, and ask yourself whether that might be due to tax avoidance? Good luck with that one, I'm sure your editor will welcome your interest.

  3. I've no problem with private companies trying to avoid tax. It might seem hypocritical in this instance, but look at the bigger picture: if you disagree with buying a newspaper whose holding company is registered in Jersey, you simply move along the aisle, and pay for a different newspaper - or give up entirely and read other media, such as blogs like this. You've got a choice. It's a little bit harder to choose an honest MP, or get rid of your current one - especially when a lot of them seem to be at it......and anyhow, tax haven's may not be around in their current form for much longer.

    The debate is not about journalists versus MPs, and anyone who tries to twist it into that misses the point. Martin's right: Stephen Fry is very out of touch on this one!

    Keep up the good blogging Martin, be interested to see if you hear from the right hon. Vaz....:-)

    Stephen Sharrock