Thursday, 28 May 2009

Noisy neighbours/thoughtless louts.

Today's front page is a story about noisy neighbours and the misery suffered by those living next to these thoughtless louts.

Yesterday I spoke to a Beaumont Leys woman who has lost weight, has become agoraphobic, and almost lost her marriage because of the problems caused by her neighbour who insists on having karaoke all through the night, letting her children and dogs run riot and who personally shouts, swears and throws things out of her windows.

Her case is not unique, in fact speaking to the police and council it became clear that thousands in the city and county suffer in exactly the same way.

Ok, all of us may have been guilty in the past of having the stereo on loud, doing DIY when we shouldn't or having a party that has got a bit out of hand. But the authorities have clear procedures and send letters, and I think 99 per cent of people would be mortified if they realised they had caused these problems and would pop next door to say sorry with some wine or flowers.

Yesterday I was in a lock-up near Morrisons at Freemans Common there were the piles and piles of DVD players, stereos, TVs, all seized from idiots who ignored the warnings and are too stupid/selfish to see they are making life so difficult for people. It makes people ill and drives them to the edge, making it difficult to function at work and at home. We should throw the book at them.


  1. send the MPs in to live with them.

  2. Absolutely. It shocks me how selfish and ignorant some people are. I used to work in a housing office and the sheer misery people suffered because their neighbours were apparently incapable of thinking of anybody but themselves was awful to see.

  3. Hi Martin,

    One only need look to The Daily Mail for answers:

    Maybe you should write for them! :)


  4. I completely agree!
    Having worked and saved hard to buy my property I/we are now working and saving even harder to move thanks to thoughtless neighbours who have no respect for our street and regularly drop very unpleasant litter (which I have the delightful job of picking up and disposing of properly because I can't bear to look at it). A bit of neighbourly respect (and respect in general) would go a long way to make this world a much better place to live in.

    Mrs Lewis

  5. Mrs Lewis, you are so right. It would not be hard for others to make life easier for people like you or me if they just acted like adults and learned some manners!

  6. The problem is there is no consequences for selfish individuals anymore. All the criminals are victims and the innocent people are left with no choice but to try to live with it. People need to start being responsible for their actions. It's like living next door to a night club where I live. I have asked so many times but with no prevail. There is nothing I can do until I take up my career as an axe murder! :)