Saturday, 23 May 2009

One week in one post.

Back in the game. My future wife (who is London based) took my laptop for crucial work. Turns out that it was to watch a TV show called brothers and sisters, and as a result my blog lay fallow for a week.

Anyway back now and what a three days at work it has been since Tunisia, 13 and 14 hour days, but all worth it.

Wednesday: two words: Special Olympics. So after months of asking the city council and organisers about the levels of taxpayers' money needed, they admit that it is going to payout an extra £1 million. No-one is anti the event, who could be, but at the same time why couldn't they just be honest and say what we all knew.

Oh, surprise surprise the city council has failed to hit its FOI deadline for the cabinet's expense claims. Again County Hall does it no problem, with days to spare. Not them. I know that councils keep them centrally. Have already made a formal complaint and will go to the Information Commissioner. And if the rumour I have heard is true, and the cabinet decides to publish them on their websites next week, they will be in big trouble, and will help my case.

On Thursday night it was the mayor-making at the city council. Manjula Sood's 'reign' has ended and she has been tremendous. As the first Asian female to hold this post she has bought in media coverage for the city from all over the world. Most importantly, anyone who has met her knows that she is a lovely woman. And now Roger Blackmore takes over, a very bright and funny man. His year will be completely different, I am especially looking forward to seeing him in action in the council chamber. I think there will be some fire.

And last night, a difficult one. Police called in to look into allegations of dirty tricks in the County Hall elections. I will be careful about what I say here, the story is neutral and relies on facts. This story is going to run and run, not sure where though. Is not on the website yet, nor is details of David Taylor's expenses and more anger from Keith Vaz. Will add the links as soon as possible.

Off to town for present shopping for my brother and then do some wedding stuff in Rutland. Hopefully I'll get to cheer the Tigers on as well. Phew.

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  1. There will be trouble ahead... And apparently it will be "big trouble"!