Monday, 11 May 2009

Alan Duncan.

County MP Alan Duncan has apologised over embarrassing expense claims for work on his garden. Mr Duncan was front page news today after asking for thousands of pounds for green-fingered duties at his home. His claim for work on his sit-on lawn mower and to pay for a puncture really was particularly laughable.

A really bad couple of days for the county after Keith Vaz was forced to defend £80,000 expenses on second homes this morning. He clearly loves cushions and armchairs. Blimey.

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  1. When Vaz flipped his homes did he (or any other MP who's done it) not think, I'll get a removal van? And then only feel guilty for getting a top of the range company in at taxpayers expense.

    What part of "good value for money" in the code on expenses has any of this come under?