Monday, 22 June 2009

Quick thoughts on recycling.

Isn't it time that people who cannot be bothered to recycle get a fine?

Today was the start of National Recycling Week and began with an event in Town Hall Square showing people what they can recycle, where to put it, and how it is disposed of.

This is not anti-city council, it is only right that people should be given the chance to get it right, but surely those who simply do not make the effort should be punished eventually? It is them who cost us taxpayers more to dispose of their waste after all because there is much more of it in their bins.

Now, is recycling really that difficult or new? Is the thought of putting glass or plastic boxes in a different place that alien to people? It makes me angry.

In the city around 40 per cent of waste is recycled and composted, and about 50 per cent out in the county. Not the figures of an area where many people do not understand recycling or are new to it.

Yes, people looking at the stalls outside the town hall today may have found out a few more things to dispose of or recycle. The councillor I spoke to today, Sarah Russell, said that the people who recycle are those who make an effort to (or something similar to this.) and she wanted to change the mindsets of those who don't. She is right, but it is how those mindsets are changed.

People quickly change their minds if they get hit in the pocket, so why not do that? The council has a team of city wardens to hand out fines in other circumstances, if you leave your bin out for example. I for one hope they start to use it when people are failing to recycle. They would probably have to check what people are throwing away, but that doesn't worry me at all.


  1. The interesting thing is that the council, via scrutiny, has done a review on this. The problem is Cllr Cooke never completed the report, as I have repeatedly pointed out in council.
    We found recycling linked to indices of depravation, facilities appropriate for housing type and education of the service.
    This could help improve service design & delivery. It has been a missed opportunity. OSMB has now instructed Cllr Joshi to determine if the report is worth completing, if so to ensure this happens & report the cost of the work on the report so far if possible.
    My assessment of the recycling situation is that fines should be an absolute final resort. I do not relish the idea of our poorest residents being fined, as they have some of the lowest uptake. It could also lead to fly-tipping.

  2. Well Councillor Grant what would YOU and your Party do about the problem?