Thursday, 4 June 2009

Funny how people vote.

Only an hour or so until the polls close and it's got to be one of the lowest turnouts on record.

Went to Melton today to speak to some voters, and although there were around 15 in the hour or so I was there, I was told that by 3pm only around 10 per cent had been through the doors. I don't know about the postal votes but if that is anything to go by then it will be low everywhere. What is interesting is that it could mean the extreme parties get in or those motivated to vote, ie party members or those with connections with candidates will be the only ones bothered and things won't change that much at all.

Of the people I spoke to only one had voted BNP, one UKIP, and the rest the traditional parties, but in Belgrave it was most interesting because nearly all voted Labour but at least half said they did not know why. I think that Keith Vaz is going to be pretty safe come election time next year!

So tomorrow we'll see the full picture in the county.

It's been my patch for the last two years. I'm proud to cover it. Some of the 55 councillors have become friends, lots of cups of tea or stronger, laughs, exhilarating/exciting stories, and also some very difficult questions, uncomfortable phone calls and some stories they didn't like, but still pals in the end, mostly.

I know that some good people (and bad) will go tomorrow but also it will mean new opportunities for others to prove themselves, improve lives in their area, and maybe go for some tea, with me.

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