Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Election time!

It is the big day tomorrow! After I vote I'll be in work and who knows what will happen. Well, apart from the results I do actually. This election will be decided on national issues not local ones, so that's what we'll look at.

We'll be doing some exit polls in at least two spots. First we'll probably be in Keith Vaz's patch in Leicester East to get an idea about how city voters have reacted to his attitude, and ask them how they voted and why. There is a loyal Labour following there but it could be creaking because of the last month's events.

The other poll will be done in Alan Duncan's Melton patch. I think this will give us a really good gauge of the mood in the county. I suspect the Tories will do well, and if they do well here, they'll do really well in the rest of Leicestershire.

Better get an early night, and do keep an eye on the Mercury website and on here for up to date news tomorrow.

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