Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ancient skeletons.

Back to work today, this morning I discovered some ancient skeletons in a field in North Leicester - well someone else did and told me about it. It is in tomorrow's paper and i'll put a link up in the morning. Great story to write.

Back on the blog after recovering from the Euro count on Sunday.

Although election nights are always exciting, I thought this one was pretty subdued in the end, not sure if it was because the Tory train was pretty relentless from result one, especially in the county. The only exception was in Leicester, where Labour cleaned up completely. They are formidable in the city despite the national climate.

Anyway, results were coming in pretty fast but then we ended up waiting for hours for just three districts - either way our photographer had to set up a picture with the winners after the results were confirmed because the actual moment on the stage was so underwhelming.

Then rushed back to Merc HQ for 2ish, and had to file 700 words by 2.40am. That was exciting, proper back against the wall journalism to ensure we got the paper out. Our night editor Mark was magnificent that night, and we produced a front and inside lead to be proud of in time for the print run to start at 3.30am. Was in bed at around 4.30am - job done and had the next day off, even better.

Today was busy, things are really happening at County Hall, lots of stories floating around, can't report it all on here yet (well, in truth, not sure of all facts yet) one emerging issue is that leader David Parsons is choosing his new cabinet this week, but the deputy leader job (Nick Rushton's) is now up for election, not just chosen by the leader as it has been before. Strange business. I wonder if it is because Coun Rushton will go and it won't be Coun Parsons' decision or he will stay and again it won't be the leader's decision. Maybe me being cynical.

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